Turkey’s Erdogan defends Ottoman commander after UAE minister retweet

Recep Tayyip Erdoğan

Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan jumped to the resistance of an Ottoman military authority on Wednesday after the United Arab Emirates remote clergyman retweeted allegations that Ottoman powers plundered the blessed city of Medina amid World War One.

Erdogan gave off an impression of being reacting to a tweet shared on Saturday by UAE Foreign Minister Sheik Abdullah receptacle Zayed Al Nahayan, which said Ottoman troops drove by Fakhreddin Pasha stole cash and compositions from Medina in 1916.

The tweet likewise said Turkish powers kidnapped occupants of Medina and took them to Istanbul. “These are Erdogan’s progenitors, and their history with Arab Muslims,” read the tweet, initially posted by somebody distinguishing themselves as an Iraqi dental practitioner from Germany.

Medina, now part of Saudi Arabia, was a piece of the Ottoman domain for quite a long time until the realm’s crumple toward the finish of World War One.

In a discourse to neighborhood overseers, Erdogan said Fahreddin Pasha had not stolen from Medina or its kin, but rather strived to ensure the city and its tenants amid a period of war.

“Those hopeless individuals who are sufficiently dazed to indecently and enthusiastically say Erdogan’s predecessors stole sacrosanct things from that point and conveyed them to Istanbul – it was to shield them from the general population that came to attack,” he said.

The United Arab Emirates, a nearby U.S. partner, sees Erdogan’s Islamist-established governing gathering as a companion of Islamist powers which the UAE contradicts over the Arab world.


Relations were additionally stressed by Ankara’s help for Qatar after Saudi Arabia, the UAE, Bahrain and Egypt forced endorses on the Gulf emirate in June.

After two months, Sheik Abdullah scrutinized what he called Turkey and Iran’s “frontier” activities in Syria, despite the fact that Turkey and the UAE have both contradicted Syria President Bashar al-Assad.

Erdogan’s representative Ibrahim Kalin has additionally reacted to Sheik Abdullah’s remarks, saying it was a disgrace that he “retweets this purposeful publicity lie that tries to turn Turks and Arabs against each other, once more.”

“Is assaulting President Erdoğan no matter what the new form now?” Kalin tweeted on Tuesday.

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