Woman Accused $300K of Artwork wasting While on The First Date Drunk at Houston

Woman Accused $300K of Artwork wasting While on The First Date Drunk at Houston 29122017

A lady blamed for obliterating three sketches and two models having a place with Houston lawyer Tony Buzbee and causing a huge number of dollars worth of harm showed up in court.

Lindy Layman, 29, has been accused of criminal devilishness.

As per points of interest that turned out in court, Layman and Buzbee were out on the town Saturday when she turned out to be vigorously inebriated and they came back to his home.

Buzbee trusted she was excessively inebriated and called a Uber driver to lift her up. She purportedly declined to leave and stowed away in his home. That is when Buzbee called a moment Uber driver.

Per the data read in court, Layman was forceful toward the second Uber driver, strolled again into Buzbee’s home and yelled, “I’m not clearing out.”

That is the point at which she supposedly poured red wine on his depictions and scammed them the divider, at that point tossed his models on the ground.

The sketches evidently incorporate an Andy Warhol unique. As indicated by court archives, the subsequent harm cost at any rate $300,000.

Layman posted a $30,000 bond.

Buzbee is a prominent lawyer who drove the guard in previous Texas Governor Rick Perry’s mishandle of-energy case, which was later expelled.

Buzbee likewise as of late stood out as truly newsworthy for stopping a World War II tank in his River Oaks neighborhood.

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