19 Year Old Teen Charge Murder her boyfriend on NYE in Baytown

19 Year Old Teen Charge Murder her boyfriend on NYE in Baytown 412018

A Texas teen has been accused of murder after her sweetheart was discovered shot to death on New Year’s Eve, as indicated by police.

Yvonne Raquel Ramirez, 19, supposedly shot and murdered Joshua McKinney at around 4:30 a.m. Sunday amid an endeavored burglary in Baytown, Texas, around 30 minutes east of Houston, police said. The two had quite recently begun dating, as indicated by ABC’s Houston station KTRK.

Ramirez supposedly stole numerous guns from the casualty and requested $2,000 for their arrival, KTRK announced Tuesday, refering to charging records.

Subtle elements on what occurred next are cloudy, however a witness told police that McKinney set the suspect in a neck hold at one point and held a firearm to her head, as indicated by KTRK. The witness said they rushed to call 911, yet came back to discover McKinney lying dead in the road.

Another witness said they saw Ramirez attempting to move McKinney’s body after the shooting, as per the charging records.

Ramirez, who managed a shot injury to the shoulder herself, told examiners that she snatched McKinney’s firearm and discharged in self-protection after he dropped it, as indicated by prosecutors.

Be that as it may, police said her story didn’t make any sense and blamed her for lethally shooting McKinney and taking his wallet a short time later.

She’s presently being held at a correctional facility in Harris County, Texas, on a $50,000 bond, court records appear. She is booked to show up in court on Wednesday.

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