Chris Christie stops at Newark Airport to leave the security check

Chris Christie stops at Newark Airport to leave the security check 1912018

Former New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie, who left office not long ago, endeavored to sidestep a TSA security checkpoint on Thursday, as per CBS New York.

Christie endeavored to circumvent the TSA checkpoint at Newark Liberty International Airport subsequent to entering the airplane terminal through a “unique access territory” alongside his State Police security detail.

Yet, a Port Authority officer halted Christie and rejected him passage close to the limited region of the terminal, disclosing to him that was never again permitted section into that entrance point.

Christie purportedly collaborated with the officer and reemerged the airplane terminal through the normal passage.

Before Christie left office, he told in a colossal meeting on his governorship that, were it not for President Donald Trump’s dazzling effort, he would be in the White House today.

“It’s extraordinarily baffling to ponder internally, ‘Stunning, if this person were not in the race, we’d win this thing,'” Christie told He included, “And I completely accept if Trump had not gotten into the race I figure we would have won.”

He said following 8 years in office, he had no “significant second thoughts.” He included, “I did it how I would have preferred to do it and I was myself the entire time.”

Christie was supplanted by Democrat Phil Murphy, who was confirmed as the state’s 56th senator on Tuesday.

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