DHS secretary used ‘hard language’ in Trump for immigration meeting

DHS secretary used 'hard language' in Trump for immigration meeting 1712018

Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen recognized Tuesday that President Trump utilized “extreme dialect” in a migration approach meeting with administrators a week ago, however held back before saying she heard the president portray Haiti, El Salvador and some African countries as “shithole nations.”

Asked by Sen. Patrick Leahy at a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing whether Trump utilized revolting dialect — specifically, “shithole” — to denounce movement from nations like Haiti, Nielsen said she didn’t question that the president utilized “intense dialect.”

“The discussion was extremely ardent,” Nielsen said. “I don’t debate the president utilizing intense dialect. Others in the room were likewise utilizing intense dialect.”

“The president utilized intense dialect by and large, as did other congressmen in the room,” she said.

Trump has confronted allegations of bigotry lately, after reports surfaced that he requested in a gathering a week ago to know why the U.S. concedes outsiders from “shithole nations.”

Trump has denied the reports. Two GOP legislators, Sens. David Perdue and Tom Cotton, have additionally denied that he utilized such dialect to depict certain nations.

Be that as it may, Sen. Dick Durbin has asserted that Trump did, truth be told, utilize disgusting dialect to allude to Haiti and different nations, and Sen. Lindsey Graham has called reports of the president’s remarks “essentially precise.”

Leahy shot Trump’s accounted for remarks as “supremacist” and “revolting,” saying that he had at no other time knew about another president utilizing such dialect.

“President Trump supposedly said the most disgusting and supremacist things I’ve ever heard a leader of either party articulate,” he said. “Indeed, I’ve never heard any president, Republican or Democrat, express anything even comparable.”

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