Eliza Dushku says stuntman sexually molested her when she was 12

Eliza Dushku says stuntman sexually molested her when she was 12 1412018

The actress, 37, expressed she was recording True Lies when the 36-year-old stand-in ‘prepared’ the star over months, previously attracting her to his Miami inn room under the affectation she’d be going for a swim at the trick team’s inn pool.

In an announcement posted on her Facebook page, Eliza composed: ‘I recall distinctively how he deliberately drew the shades and turned down the lights; how he wrenched up the cooling to what had a craving for solidifying levels, where precisely he put me on one of the two inn room beds.

‘How he vanished in the restroom and developed, stripped, bearing only a little hand towel held feeble at his waist.

‘I recall how he laid me down on the bed, wrapped me with his tremendous squirming body, and rubbed all finished me.

‘He talked these words: “You’re not resting on me now sweetie, quit imagining you’re dozing,” as he rubbed harder and quicker against my mental body. When he was “done”, he recommended, “I figure we ought to be cautious… ,” [about telling anyone] he implied.’

She additionally got out Hollywood for ‘neglecting to ensure her’, adjusting off her announcement by saying how other individuals’ stories have given her quality to approach.

‘With each individual that stands up,’ Eliza composed. ‘Each pennant that drops down onto my iphone screen unveiling comparable truth stories/realities, my purpose reinforces.

‘Sharing these words, at long last getting my abuser out freely by name, brings the begin of another quiet.’

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