Man killed his mother over video game broken

Man killed his mother over video game broken 1412018

A man was captured for lethally shooting his 68-year-old mother after he undermined to slaughter the two his folks over a broken computer game headset, police said.

Matthew Nicholson, 28, was playing computer games in the room of his Ceres, California, home on Wednesday night when a contention broke out with his mom Lydia Nicholson.

Nicholson shot his mom in the head and fled to a relative’s home before he was later captured amid an activity stop, police said.

The 28-year-old began shouting while he was playing computer games in his room on Wednesday night, police said.

At the point when the mother went to mind him, Matthew Nicholson contended with her and broke his own particular headset.

Matthew Nicholson at that point faulted his mother and undermined to execute the two his folks previously he snatched a handgun in the home, police said.

He shot his mom in the head before his 81-year-old father Loren Nicholson wrestled the weapon out of his hands, as indicated by police.

A family companion told Fox40, “I comprehend that he would’ve murdered the father as well, however the weapon stuck. The father snatched the weapon, exhausted it.”

While Loren Nicholson called police at around 9:48 p.m., his child fled the scene and headed to his sister’s home in Riverbank, the nearby news station announced.

Matthew Nicholson was later pulled over amid a movement stop and captured without occurrence.

Lydia Nicholson was taken to the healing facility where she passed on.

Matthew Nicholson’s sister Autumn White paid tribute to their mom and expressed, “I will everlastingly adore you, my closest companion, my picked one, my forever, my eternity my defender, my inspiration, my approval, and now my gatekeeper blessed messenger.”

“My heart is smashed and I guarantee your memory will everlastingly live on in me, Dad, Cameron and Chris. You’ve earned your wings, fly and be free,” she included.

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