Monday Freezing drizzle and snow at Colorado

Monday Freezing drizzle and snow 1612018

An ice chilly front moving into Colorado from Nebraska will keep temperatures in the profound stop on Monday. The front will likewise deliver a blend of solidifying precipitation and snow toward the beginning of the day causing extremely smooth streets.

A Winter Weather Advisory proceeds through 10 a.m. for the whole Denver metro zone due to ice and along these lines slippy streets.

By mid morning there ought to be sufficient frosty air to make all the precipitation change into snow. At that point the precipitation will end totally by early evening however skies will remain overcast and temperatures will stay extremely frosty. The Denver zone will be in the teenagers by late evening.

In the mountains, anticipate light snow through a significant part of the day with up to 5 creeps of collection mostly from Summit County toward the east.

Monday night will be clear and dry statewide which will cause extremely icy temperatures. We’ll hit rock bottom in the lower single digits in the metro region while territories on the Eastern Plains drop well underneath zero with chills as low as – 20­°. A Wind Chill Advisory has been issued for these zones from 11 p.m. Monday through 9 a.m. Tuesday.

Daylight profits to Colorado for Tuesday and will then stick around through Friday as temperatures steadily warm once again into the 60s for the metro region toward the finish of the week. We’re at that point taking a gander at another great shot for snow this end of the week.

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