NL Doctor suspended after 2 baby dead

NL Doctor suspended after 2 baby dead 612018

A Labrador obstetrician has been requested to serve a three-month suspension and apologize after the passings of two infants in 2014.

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Newfoundland and Labrador says Dr. Ikechukwu (Steven) Madu neglected to keep up proficient gauges.

He had beforehand worked in Gander in focal Newfoundland.

A settling board discovered he neglected to design in July 2014 to actuate birth for a diabetic patient whose child passed on in the womb.

A month sooner, the school says an infant was stillborn after Madu neglected to recognize an unusual fetal heart rate and accelerate conveyance.

Madu’s obstetrics permit was suspended in August 2014 however the Labrador wellbeing expert says he completed required preparing and has drilled without episode since April 2016.

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