Rand Paul says is ‘Unfair’ to call President Trump a racist

Rand Paul says is unfair to call President Trump a racist 1412018

Sen. Rand Paul said Sunday that it is “unfair” to call President Donald Trump a racist but his recent reported controversial comments about immigrants from Haiti and African countries are unhelpful.

“I don’t think the remarks were productive by any stretch of the imagination, yet I likewise believe that, to be reasonable, we shouldn’t make determinations that he didn’t expect,” the Kentucky Republican said on “Meet The Press.”

Paul safeguarded the president as one of the monetary supporters of a medicinal outing Paul was part to offer eye care and surgeries to individuals in Haiti in 2015.

“I believe it’s out of line to kind of paint him, ‘goodness well, he’s a bigot,’ when I know beyond a shadow of a doubt that he thinks profoundly about the general population of Haiti since he helped fund an excursion where they would get vision back for 200 individuals in Haiti,” Paul said.

Amid a bipartisan gathering with legislators on movement on Thursday, Trump apparently addressed why the United States was tolerating a few foreigners from Haiti and countries in Africa — instead of permitting more outsiders from places like Norway, as indicated by Sen. Dick Durbin, D-Ill., who was in the gathering. The president apparently alluded to African countries as “shithole nations.”

Trump denied saying anything disdainful amid that gathering, composing on Twitter, “The dialect utilized by me at the DACA meeting was intense, yet this was not the dialect utilized.” He especially protected his remarks on Haiti.

“A few people in the media have gone totally bonkers” over the comments, Paul said on Sunday.

“You can’t have a movement trade off if everyone is out there calling the president a bigot,” Paul included.

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