Teenager ‘hanged herself’ after sending a snapchat to his lover

Charlotte Guy Jack Hurst

A 17-year-old was found hanged after she coincidentally sent a Snapchat message to her on-off boyfriend in which she uncovered she had laid down with someone else, an investigation heard.

College student Charlotte Guy had planned her admission to go to a companion yet she erroneously sent it rather to 20-year-old Jack Hurst who was away at college.

After acknowledging what she had done, she sent him a message which read: ‘Goodbye. Please forgive me.’

The teenager, from Wigan, Greater Manchester, later sent a last message and stated: ‘I cherish you – realizing that you loathe me is sufficient.’

Her investigation heard that she had taken cocaine while affected by liquor before her body was found.

Mr Hurst called the police after perusing the messages and utilized her Snapchat record to pinpoint her area.

Be that as it may, she was found hanged close St John Rigby College in Wigan, where she had been considering human services.

The Bolton hearing was told the disaster happened on September 24 a year ago after Charlotte, who additionally worked poolside at a Total Fitness rec center had been dating Mr Hurst for a long time.

In a statement Mr Hurst – who is right now sitting exams at Newcastle University – stated: ‘We remained in contact by instant messages and telephone calls yet she got steamed about something that somebody had said to her in regards to a young lady I was seeing before I met her.

‘She disclosed to me that she felt like I had misled her and I endeavored to persuade her generally yet she said she would not like to be here any longer.

‘I was concerned in light of the fact that she had influenced comments to me to before about feeling that the world wasn’t meant for her.

‘She was constantly stressed over not making new companions, but rather she began another course at college and made companions rapidly and she seemed upbeat.’

‘I went to see her in Wigan on the 21 September. I addressed her and she said that she needed to end the relationship.

‘She said that she had an inclination that she couldn’t believe me yet needed to stay companions. I said that it wasn’t what I needed yet I backpedaled to my folks in Blackpool.

‘She inquired as to whether I was alright and I said that I felt we could proceed with our relationship. Charlotte went out with companions that night and I didn’t hear much from her.

‘We carried on messaging the following day and she disclosed to me that she kissed someone else that night. She went out on the Saturday night as well.

‘On Sunday 24 she message me to state that she needed to talk. I said I was caught up with accomplishing something and I would address her later.

‘After this she sent me a Snapchat message that was meant for her companion however that she had sent to me.

‘The Snapchat referenced her laying down with someone on the Saturday night. She revealed to me that it wasn’t for me, and apologized and said she was a repulsive individual.

‘She said that she needed to talk and clarify however I said that I didn’t have a craving for talking and to message me to state what she needed to state.

‘At 5.11pm I got a long content back rub for her beginning with ‘alright I think I get the point’.

‘This message concerned me and I attempted to call her yet she didn’t reply. I got another message at 17:13 saying ‘it doesn’t make a difference. Goodbye. Please forgive me.’

‘The last message I got from her at 17:14 stated: ‘I cherish you, realizing that you detest me is sufficient’.’

Toxicology reports indicated Charlotte had taken cocaine while affected by liquor.

The hearing was the earlier night she had been out with companions Stephanie Bradshaw and Kieran Ashcroft and amid the night she was seen drinking vodka.

Mr Ashcroft stated: ‘She disclosed to me that she had been seeing someone called Jack Hurst for around two years however they had since part up.

‘She didn’t appear to be disturbed about it and seemed extremely cheerful the whole night. The following day I dropped her off home at around 6am and she sent me a message later on.

‘Charlotte revealed to me that she had been having a decent night, and seemed glad when I dropped her off the following morning.’

Prior Charlotte’s folks Martin and Deborah Guy told their little girl had already self harmed and had been alluded to social insurance proficient.

Mr Hurst had already disclosed to them their little girl had made comments to him about completion her life.

Mr and Mrs Guy said the last time they saw their little girl was on Sunday, September 24, when she had some tea with them and informed them she would gather her things from a companions.

Mr Guy said the messages passed on to Jack, were ‘for consideration’ and included: ‘I don’t feel that she knew the seriousness of what she was doing.’

Charlotte’s sibling Dean said of her separation with Jack: ‘She was disturbed, however then we watched the movies and when she went home she seemed more joyful.’

Recording an account conclusion, coroner Alan Walsh stated: ‘It is imperative to take note of that there was no proof that Charlotte utilized cocaine before and no confirmation that she was a consistent client.

‘On the adjust of the confirmation it is likely that she utilized cocaine in what I have depicted as the disorganized most recent 48 hours of her life.

‘In any case, especially essential in the turmoil what her mental perspective in that period. As a non-general client, it might have greaterly affected her psyche at that time.

‘Charlotte was 17 years old when she kicked the bucket. She was at college, and her trigger focuses were business related worry of both college and work and domestic existence with her boyfriend.

‘That may well have been a factor to influence her perspective. She was involved with Jack Hurst for the best piece of two years.

‘I trusted it had the typical good and bad times of youngsters both matured between 17 to 20. It is normal for these connections to have its high points and low points – on one moment and off the following.

‘I realize that it is common of youngsters in a relationship. I acknowledge that she was the person who finished the relationship, yet regardless it would have affected her.

‘I trusted that I would have affected Jack at the time and absolutely influenced him after discovering she kicked the bucket.

‘I acknowledge at the time she may have been affected by cocaine and some of the impacts of that may have changed her conduct and may have changed her perspective.

‘I trusted she was a harried young woman. The impact it will have on her family and companions is past creative ability.’

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