Judge, pastor, Broadway actor arrested in prostitution sting at Florida hotel

Judge, pastor, Broadway actor arrested in prostitution sting at Florida hotel 1522018

A “Gossip Girl” actor, a pastor and a judge were among the six captured in a prostitution sting at a Florida inn Friday.

Performing artist Patrick J. Boll, Fort Myers minister Richard Cecil and Lee County Judge Jay B. Rosman were among the six men captured at an inn in Naples, Florida, after supposedly endeavoring to pay a covert officer between $150 to $300 for sexual acts, USA Today detailed.

Boll, 53, who visitor featured in “Gossip Gir,” “The Good Wife” and showed up in Broadway shows, for example, “Mamma Mia!,” is blamed for reaching a covert officer by means of content.

Boll professedly offered the officer $150 for a sex demonstration. Prior to his capture, Boll was featuring in a creation of “The King and I” at Artis-Naples.

He was accused of “requesting for prostitution” and was hung on $2,000 bond. He is slated to be charged March 7.

Cecil, 47, who runs a service with his significant other, Christina, from their home in North Fort Myers, argued not blameworthy Monday and deferred his arraignment. He asked for a jury trial.

Cecil was blamed for reaching a covert officer and setting up a gathering at the lodging. He offered the officer $200 to play out a sex demonstration before he was captured.

Rosman, 64, resigned from his position as judge Tuesday following his capture.

He posted the $4,000 bond and procured a legal advisor. He argued not blameworthy and postponed his arraignment, requesting a jury trial like Cecil.

“It has been a respect to serve the group since 1986,” Rosman wrote in his announcement. “In my retirement, I anticipate investing more energy with my family and proceeding to add to the group.”

Rosman is hitched and has three youngsters. The subtle elements of his capture were not quickly accessible.

His mugshot was additionally not accessible because of a Florida law which stipends law implementation authorities and other open authorities the privilege to withhold their mugshots.

The other men who were captured were: Peter W. Bradshaw, 70, of Canada, Howard Cornibe, 70, of Canada, and William B. Darmoh III, 29, of Naples, Fla.

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