Man claims his Apple AirPod implode at Florida

Man claims his Apple AirPod implode at Florida 1022018

A man in Florida asserts that one of his Apple AirPods started smoking and later detonated. Florida’s WFLA TV reports that the man, Jason Colon, was working out at an exercise center when he saw smoke originating from the AirPod in his correct ear.

He promptly took both AirPods out and set them on a bit of rec center hardware while he looked for help, however when he restored, the AirPod being referred to was roasted and broken separated.

“I didn’t witness it, however I mean, it was at that point browned. You can see fire harm,” he told WFLA.

We’ve seen reports like this previously. A year ago, a lady revealed that her earphones detonated while she was wearing them on a plane and obviously there was the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 calamity in 2016.

Lithium-particle batteries are known to overheat and detonate, however while AirPods do contain batteries, it’s not in any way obvious that they were the reason for whatever happened to Colon’s.

We connected with Apple yet it declined to remark on the circumstance. An organization representative revealed to WFLA that it would research the claim and would contact Colon.

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