Muncie 3 year old girl dies from Flu after diagnosed with symptoms

Muncie 3 year old girl dies

A Muncie, Ind. family is crushed in the wake of finding their 3-year-old little girl dead days after she was sent home from the healing center with flu-like symptoms.

Alivia Viellieux’s grandmother Tameka Stettler said the family chose not to inoculate her for flue this year, reports WRTV. It’s a choice she said they’ll now spend whatever is left of their lives second-speculating.

“Alivia did not have it since they had let us know once the flu is going near, it’s not going to issue on the off chance that you got it or not. We simply chose not to put those chemicals and the girl’s body if it’s not going to help,” Stettler said.

Alivia’s family was arranging her birthday one month from now, yet now they’re arranging a burial service.

“She was eating Cheerios the previous evening. She was strolling the previous evening. How does that simply happen?” Stettler said.

Alivia’s folks discovered her dead Monday morning.

“They set her to rest last night and afterward they went to keep an eye on her today and she had passed away in her rest,” Stettler said.

Alivia’s family took her to a center for flu-like symptoms last Tuesday. She tried positive for Influenza A.

The center sent her to the emergency room at Ball Memorial Hospital, her temperature at 106 degrees. The specialists sent Alivia home Thursday when she had all the earmarks of being improving the situation.

“She was taking her fluids. They took the IV out, and she was drinking individually,” Stettler said.

Those changes made her sudden death all the all the more awful.

“She was constantly upbeat, she was continually sitting in. She was so brimming with life! It’s so pitiful,” Stettler said.

Stettler says her granddaughter was dependably the focal point of consideration, cherished playing outside and adored being with her sister. She hadn’t begun preschool yet.

“She was beginning this year. She was at that point joined to go,” she said.

As per the Indiana State Department of Health, 31 flu deaths were accounted for a week ago.

“Nothing anyone says or does will take that young lady back to us,” Stettler said.

In the event that it is affirmed Alivia died from the flu, it would be the second Indiana flu death this season in a kid 4 or more youthful.

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