Nikolas Cruz charged with 17 murder, he is mentally disturbed after his mom dead from flu

Nikolas Cruz charged with 17 murder, he is mentally disturbed after his mom dead from flu 1522018

The disturbed 19-year-old blamed for the most noticeably bad school shooting since the Sandy Hook massacre may have been sent over the edge when his single parent dead of inconveniences from the flu in November, family said.

Suspect Nikolas Cruz, 19, is blamed for killing 17 and harming more than 15 when he started shooting inside South Florida’s Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on Wednesday.

He and more youthful sibling Zachary were embraced as babies by Roger and Lynda Cruz, however Roger dead from a heart assault 10 years back, leaving Lynda to raise the young men herself, as per family.

Lynda, 68, registered with a facility with the flu and was raced to a doctor’s facility, where she death Nov. 1 of pneumonia, cousin Kathie Blaine revealed to ABC News.

She was generally solid before registering with the healing center, the cousin told the system.

“Lynda was near them,” sister-in-law Barbara Kumbatovic told the Washington Post. “She put a considerable measure of time and exertion into those young men, attempting to give them a decent life and childhood.

“I don’t think it [the massacre] had anything to do with his childhood. It could have been the loss of his mother.”

She reviewed how Nikolas once sicced his canine on a neighbor’s pig — and how Lynda attempted to train the kid yet may have missed the mark.

“He sent over his pooch . . . to attempt to assault them,” Kumbatovic said. “Lynda managed it like most guardians did. She was likely too great to him.”

A mysterious relative told the Sun-Sentinel that Nikolas had been determined to have extreme introvertedness.

“I know he had a few issues and he may have been taking drug. [He] had some sort of enthusiastic or troubles,” Kumbatovic additionally told the paper.

After the surprising death, the siblings quickly moved in with companions in Palm Beach County, yet Nikolas left in no time a short time later when a companion’s family said he could remain with them in northwest Broward County, the Sun-Sentinel detailed.

He had just been removed from Stoneman Douglas — where his companion still went to class — and the family urged him to take grown-up instruction courses and helped him land a position at a nearby dollar store, as indicated by family lawyer Jim Lewis.

“The family is crushed, they didn’t see this coming,” he stated, as per the Sun-Sentinel. “They took him in and it’s an exemplary instance of no great deed goes unpunished. He was somewhat particular and he was discouraged about his mother’s death, yet who wouldn’t be?”

Nikolas officially possessed the AR-15 strike rifle he supposedly utilized as a part of the slaughter when he moved in with the family, and they influenced him to guard the weapon in a firearm, CNN announced.

The family gave over the safe keys to specialists, the outlet announced.

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