Officers investigate suspicious white powder in Houses of Parliament

Officers investigate suspicious white powder in Houses of Parliament 1422018

Counter-terror police were called to the Parliamentary Estate this evening after a ‘suspicious bundle’ containing white powder was sent to Amber Rudd.

Officers later affirmed that the substance routed to the home secretary was innocuous.

A Met Police representative stated: ‘At around 11.36 hours on Tuesday, 13 February, police were educated of a suspicious bundle that had been conveyed to an office inside the Palace of Westminster. Police are at the scene and managing.

‘The letter contained a white powder which is presently being evaluated by pros. The workplace stays shut as of now, however whatever remains of the Palace of Westminster is open.’

‘Investigators from the Met’s Counter Terrorism Command have been educated and are researching.’

A House of Commons representative affirmed before that officers were ‘examining an episode’.

One anonymous officer in Speaker’s Court said that authority associates were analyzing a bundle left in the Palace of Westminster.

They stated: “We haven’t been told much, yet a bundle has been cleared out.

“Authority officers have recently touched base to inspect it.

“It won’t be anything to stress over.”

A message was put out on the annunciators which are shown on TV screens around Parliament, perusing: ‘Episode in the House of Commons being managed by the Metropolitan Police, don’t be frightened.’

There was ‘overwhelming police movement around clerical hallway’, as per Westminster Correspondent Harry Cole.

A House of Commons representative said the examination was continuous however the building was not in lockdown, nor were any security cautions showed on the annunciators around the Palace of Westminster.

No additional officers were obvious at the fundamental passage at Carriage Gates.

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