Piers Morgan says Omarosa Manigault offering sex to win ‘Celebrity Apprentice’

Piers Morgan says Omarosa Manigault offering sex to win 'Celebrity Apprentice' 1422018

Previous White House staff member Omarosa Manigault Newman offered British columnist Piers Morgan sex in return for winning Celebrity Apprentice—at any rate, that is the thing that the TV have asserted in a hazardous tweet on Monday. Omarosa, as she is mononymously known, did not quickly react.

“Omarosa offered me sex to win ‘Superstar Apprentice,’ at that point called me a ‘f***ing f*gg*t’, designed gay smears and undermined to punch me,” he tweeted. “Why the damnation was this disgusting animal at any point utilized at the White House?”

Morgan reacted to a few tweets from devotees, who weren’t precisely stunned by his allegations. “Believe me, the stuff that didn’t air was far more regrettable. Omarosa is an appalling person,” he wrote.

In a segment distributed for the Daily Mail, Morgan began with a startling statement: “‘Shut the fuck up, butt hole,’ growled Omarosa Manigault-Newman at me. ‘How are your children going to fondle when they wake and find their father’s a f**king f*gg*t?'”

Morgan said he’s met a lot of “abominable” people, extending from “despots and terrorists to sex abusers and underhanded conmen,” however Omarosa is “determinedly detestable.” He depicted her as an “awful, deceptive, lying, scheming, manipulating bit of work.”

In spite of the fact that he knew her from her stretch on Season 1 of Celebrity Apprentice in 2004, he didn’t meet her until four years after the fact when they did Celebrity Apprentice. That is the point at which she purportedly propositioned Morgan.

“‘Wharfs, do you need a showmance?’ ‘A what?’ I answered. ‘A showmance. You know, a sentiment on the show – we get it on together. Happens all the time on Apprentice. Everybody engages in sexual relations together. At that point we can profit out of it.’ I gazed at her getting a handle on, savagely yearning little eyes, and snickered: ‘You can’t be serious, you misdirected lady.’ She didn’t take it well. ‘What are you? Gay?'”

After his dismissal, Omarosa purportedly transformed into a “snake,” he said.

Morgan was propelled to approach with his allegations after Omarosa, in the past an unscripted television star, served the Trump organization for a year. “I don’t buy in to the hypothesis that President Trump is rationally unsteady, however this specific choice seriously tried my confidence,” he composed.

He was befuddled regarding why President Donald Trump, a man who has broadly said he just backs victors, procured Omarosa, who has “never won anything in her life.”

Morgan was amazed Omarosa was removed from the White House in December. “Omarosa accomplished only ceaseless turmoil, annoying all her White House colleagues, and starting quarrel wherever she went in a way that was altogether obvious to any individual who had met her or watched her on TV,” the columnist composed.

“[Trump] took this serial failure, and appalling person, into the core of the White House to spread her toxin,” Morgan composed.

At long last, he tied in the last piece, saying Trump contracting Omarosa was similarly as large of an embarrassment as procuring Rob Porter, a man who was blaming for manhandling his two exes. While the vast majority were bothered by Trump enlisting Porter, “no one appears to mind” about Omarosa, Morgan penned.

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