US Senator Tammy Duckworth says I can’t technically take maternity leave

US Senator Tammy Duckworth says I can't technically take maternity leave 1522018

“I can’t technically take maternity leave,” says Tammy Duckworth. “Since in the event that I take maternity leave, at that point I won’t be permitted to support enactment or vote amid that era.”

Duckworth, a previous Black Hawk pilot who served in the Iraq War, talked about a problem well-known to numerous working moms in Politico’s Women Rule podcast.

In spite of the fact that she intends to take 12 weeks of paid maternity leave, the nature of her work implies that she’ll have to come back to work (likely with her infant) amid leave to vote on measures.

Her votes could have a major effect as Senate is as of now split 51 to 49 with Democrats in the minority.

It will change some Senate rules,” Duckworth said.

“You are not permitted to bring youngsters onto the floor of the Senate by any stretch of the imagination,” Duckworth called attention to on the podcast.

“In the event that I need to vote, and I’m breastfeeding my kid, particularly amid my maternity leave period, what do I do? Abandon her sitting outside?”

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