Active shooter and 3 women found dead at Yountville Veterans home in California

Active shooter at Yountville Veterans homeIMG Credit: ABC News

In California, Active shooter who was taken to the prisoner inside the house of the country’s largest Yountville veterans home and three Hostages were found dead after an hour-long stoppage, in which dozens of bullets were executed outside the police, officials confirmed.

California Highway Patrol President Chris Child said that the bodies of Active shooter and three women were taken hostage, officials found around 6:00 am Friday.

They were in the room where the shooter were hiding with their hostages; It is not clear when death took place.

This tragic end began with a strained start from 10:30 pm and left the concerned relatives about loved ones.

In Swat Gear, the police had closed the huge property in the house of the California giants in Yountville, in the heart of the Napa Valley wine country.

According to the Associated Press, three female victims were employees of the non-profit organization Pathway Home Treatment program, which is located in the premises of veterans’ home.

Childs said that it is too quick to say if they have been randomly selected “because the investigators have not yet set a motive, the Associated Press has reported.

Napa County Sheriff John Robertson had earlier said that in the deputy outside the building, Shooter had fired “many bullets”, but no one was injured. They said, the deputy set fire on.

Robertson said that the officials know the identity of the Active shooter and he tried to call his cell phone, but no answer was found.

Childs had earlier said that the hostages were the employees of The Pathway Home, which was a privately run program on the basis of the legend’s house.

This program deals with postwar-traumatic stress disorder along with the war veterans of Iran and Afghanistan.

The Department of Napa County Sheriff issued a warning to the residents at 10.30 in the morning, warned them to avoid the area due to “activity in the Veterans Home”.

The details remain sketches, but the Associated Press cited a person saying that a Active shooter had left the party after leaving a staff and asked some people to leave and others to stay.

Police radio broadcast described the suspect as 5 foot 6, with a rifle and a scope, CBS report

According to the CBS report, according to the radio broadcast, at least 15-30 shots were fired in deputy.

Napa Valley Register reported that the Active shooter was wearing armor of the body.

It is unclear how many residents of the house – many of whom are weak or full of beds – were inside during the mortgage situation.

Jan Thornton of Vallejo says that his 96-year-old father – a WWII fighter pilot – was inside a hospital wing at home.

Thornton says he is still shaking and he is not able to talk to his father.

But, she says she was able to talk to one of her friends, who had stopped, and she told her that her father was safe.

He said that “the heart is blood for those people who are making hostage.”

Although she thinks that her father is safe, she said that she is still worried about the tension of the situation, thinking about her age and after that she has stressful disorders and some insanity.

The Department of Veterans Affairs of California said that the homes opened in 1884 are the biggest veterans facility in the United States, with 1,000 elderly and disabled residents.

Its website said that it offers residential accommodation with recreational, social and clinical activities to stay independent.

According to the website, World War II, Korean War, Vietnam War, Desert Storm and Operation Ending Freedom / Operation veterans Iraqi Freedom are now living at home.

The base is also home to the 1,200 seat theater, 9-hole golf course, baseball stadium, bowling lane, a swimming pool and a military base exchange branch shop.

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