CDC doctor Tim Cunningham wasn’t passed over for a promotion

CDC doctor Tim Cunningham wasn't passed over for a promotion 1332018

A month after an employee at the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention vanished, the government organization says it trusts he’ll soon be found.

Atlanta police have said nobody has gotten notification from 35-year-old Timothy Cunningham since Feb. 12.

The CDC said Monday that reports Cunningham as of late was disregarded for an advancement are wrong.

Its announcement says Cunningham got a “remarkable capability advancement” July 1 to the situation of officer, an early advancement mirroring his “brilliance” as an employee.

The CDC says it’s working with Cunningham’s family and urges anybody with data to call police.

Cunningham’s folks revealed him missing Feb. 16 in the wake of setting off to his home and discovering his effects and vehicle there.

Police beforehand said they have no confirmation of unfairness yet can’t preclude it.

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