‘Clock Boy’ Ahmed Mohamed has filed lawsuit against Irving dismissed again

'Clock boy' Ahmed Mohamed has filed lawsuit against Irving dismissed again 1532018

A government judge has expelled a lawsuit filed by the father of an Irving high school arrested and suspended for conveying a hand crafted clock to class that staff mixed up for a bomb.

A court report shared by the Dallas Morning News demonstrates the government judge’s decision, which points of interest that no harms will be paid out by the city of Irving, Irving ISD or a few different respondents engaged with the case.

In 2015, 14-year-old Ahmed Mohamed stood out as truly newsworthy after he was arrested for bringing an electronic clock incorporated with a pencil case that school authorities and police accepted was a “lie bomb.”

The episode started an across the country banter about whether the Irving youngster, who was given the epithet “Clock kid,” was religiously and racially profiled.

This is the second time U.S. Locale Judge Sam A. Lindsay has expelled the lawsuit. A year ago, he tossed out the grumbling in light of the fact that there was no proof of religious or racial separation.

The case was revised by the family and filed once more, which was rejected again on Monday.

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