NYPD cops try to kill a Raccoon with their squad car

NYPD cop RaccoonIMG Credit: nypost.com

New York police department is under flame after video surfaced of Cops focusing on a Raccoon with their squad car — guaranteeing the destined critter passed on as “altruistically as could be allowed.”

A video posted to Facebook by Bryanna Catucci indicates two vehicles — including a checked Coeymans Police SUV — driving straightforwardly at the creature a few times on Monday in the parking lot of a shopping court in Ravena, as per Catucci.

“Leaving the supermarket to discover 2 cops charging at a raccoon in a car for 15 minutes until dead:/you would think on the off chance that it had rabies they would shoot him as opposed to tormenting. Pitiful day,” Catucci composed.

In the video, one of the vehicles is seen cutting and harming the creature. Witnesses revealed to News 10 ABC the officers proceeded for 15 to 20 minutes, before one of the cars kept running over and “at last completed a number on the raccoon.”

In an announcement on their Facebook page, the Town of Coeymans Police Department asserts the creature was out of control and said they finished the creature’s life as “others consciously as could be expected under the circumstances.”

“On March 12 we got various calls about a raging raccoon in confidence court. The raccoon had endeavored to get into the foundation at a certain point.

Our officer’s [s.i.c.] found the raccoon, yet it was not in a territory that was protected to release a gun because of the nearness of people on foot and living arrangements.

They dispatched the raccoon as fast and compassionately as could be expected under the circumstances.”

A police representative couldn’t quickly be come to.

Source: nypost.com

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