Scientists huge breakthrough about Weight Loss Diet

Weight Loss

Being active all day will help you burn those calories and reach those weight loss goals!

According to new research published in the journal, JAMA – neither, both of these are equally effective! In 609 people, during the year’s Stanford University study, the average average 5 kg of dieter was lost – even if they were on low-fat or low-fat diet.

Talk to any person who has successfully lost weight on ketogenic diet and they will tell you – the fastest and easy way to shed fat, but then you have people who have a surprising result on a kelozol-controlled, low fat diet. (eg. weight loss)

“Well, but different diets work for different people, depending on their genetics,” you can say well, according to the study, not exactly.

Studies found in all cases, whether from food or DNA testing Indicates whether this was the best diet for his genetic profile, despite this the diet works.

In the study, 305 participants were randomly assigned to eat ‘healthy low fat diet’ for one year, 609 participants (18 to 50 age group body mass index with 28 to 40), while the remaining 304 ‘Healthy low carbohydrate diet dieters were not strictly inspected or had to be sticking to the strict plan.

Instead, they were given 22 hours long classes under the leadership of registered dieticians, which are considered deprived of their diet, as well as general advice on healthy eating.

While the two groups were given different dietary goals (less than 20 grams of carbels for low carb group and 20 grams fat fat for low fat group), they were instructed to maximize the intake of vegetable Minimizing sugars, refined dough, and trans fats; And focus on all the foods that have been processed at least, the nutrients are dense, and ready whenever possible. (Like most weight loss foods are calorie-restricted)

Although the researchers had asked the dieters to not count or cut calories, although both studies were eating approximately 500-600 calories each day throughout the study.

At the end of the study, the Low Carb Group lost a loss of approximately 5.9 kg per person, while the low fat diapers lost 5.3 kilos.

However, the overall results of the two groups did not vary greatly, but the results vary wildly within the groups.

Some diodes have been lost at 27 kg height, while others have received more than 9 kg.

After the study, the scientists had done some DNA tests to determine whether the results of the dieter (or its lack) could be explained by their genotype or not. (Due to weight loss)

However, they found that the people whose genotype was matched was not better on their diet compared to those who did not.

If this is the case, then what factors have determined whether a person has to lose weight on his prescribed diet?

Well, due to the nature of the study, it was difficult to determine how strongly the participants were sticking to their diet – and how exactly were they tracking

However, it is safe to say that those who followed the goal were the best results in them.

So, what can we all take? First of all, you can think twice before opening out for an expensive genetic test kit.

Secondly, when your genes can not affect how well the diet works for you, then your lifestyle – therefore, always choose a method of eating that you enjoy and you really want to stay.

If you have included yourself in this way in your life and are still struggling with weight loss, please call me today at 928-753-5066 or by shutting down in King 1848 Hope Aave.

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