Why KFC remove Colonel Sanders picture from Logo

Why KFC remove Colonel Sanders picture from Logo 932018

In celebration of International Women’s Day today, Kentucky Fried Chicken in Malaysia has temporarily supplanted Colonel Sanders on its online logo with his better half, Claudia Sanders.

The chain’s Malaysian site portrays Claudia as “the twelfth fixing to the Colonel’s 11 mystery herbs and flavors.” She was apparently in charge of transportation the broiled chicken’s flavors to eateries around the nation, an errand she regularly dealt with late into the night.

The logo did not change in the United States.

The move comes after KFC chose Reba McEntire to play Colonel Sanders in an advertisement crusade for its new Smoky Mountain BBQ Chicken sandwich. McEntire is the primary women to ever depict the browned chicken chain’s organizer.

Notwithstanding KFC, numerous different organizations have temporarily changed their logos to commend the day.

Johnny Walker has changed its container into “Jane Walker” for the month, supplanting the notable strolling man with a lady, and McDonald’s has flipped around its M logo for the day on the web and at one eatery in California, making it a W for women.

Yesterday Mattel likewise uncovered an arrangement of “good example” Barbies displayed after notorious women.

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