Women losing almost all limbs, Sues Hospital because failed to find her Disease

Magdalena Malec losing all limbsIMG Credit: news.com.au

In England, a woman has sued a hospital, because doctors had to perform many limb amputations because they did not know immediately that they were suffering from Sepsis.

Magdalena Malec, 31, contracted sepsis and both of her legs were lost in Luton and Dunstable University Hospital in Luton.

Her right hands and fingers were immediately followed at her left hand, which the hospital officials said could have been stopped, Full report Here.

According to the Southwest News Service (SWNS), doctors told the mother of two people that in December 2014 they were told about pregnancy that they had a miscarriage.

Magdalena Malec was sent home from an emergency room with painkillers for her stomach cramping and mass bleeding.

They had to return to Loton and Dunstable allegedly the same month, where they found out that they had ectopic pregnancy, in which a fertilized egg was attached to the cavity outside the uterus, and had to undergo emergency surgery.

He was also told that he needed a kidney transplant.

But in recovery, Malec developed the instability of the limbs – lack of adequate blood supply in some parts of her body.

Her Limbs developed gangrene and many of her body tissues died, the mall said that the hospital staff should have been identified as symptoms of sepsis.

After six weeks of this incident, Malec did the surgery to break his Limbs, and then returned to the hospital three times a week for dialysis for his kidney. Magdalena Malec said,

Nothing will restore what I had. I will never paint my nails again, I will never make a ponytail for my daughter. I do not trust doctors and I am very skeptical about all medical appointments and diagnoses.

Malec, who is the mother of nine and seven years, said that now they have to stay alive how they live their lives.

“I am learning how to live with pain, the way people are looking at me, it is very difficult to come out and fight, and it is also self acceptance.”

Malec’s lawyer David Thomas said, “The hospital trust had followed its own sepsis protocol, which was a fierce series of incidents that caused death and severe injuries near hell.”

The National Health Service has apologized and acknowledged that the condition of Malec could be avoided.

“There was a lack of opportunity to identify the progressive clinical decline of Malec and work accordingly, which included administration at the time of antibiotics.

We sincerely apologize to Malec and we believe that the care provided is less than the standards. “

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