Amazon’s new Echo device create custom commands

Amazon Echo

Amazon’s virtual voice assistant has gained more wisdom.

With the arrival of Skill Blueprints, Alexa can now perform a variety of personalization techniques – what Amazon calls “skills”, to provide you and your family with personalized services.

For example, is someone taking the exam? With Flashcards Blueprint, you can set up a custom set of questions – answer, match – and Alexa will provide a voice function test.

Do you provide Airbnb? You can use Houseguest Blueprint to answer your questions. (“Alexa, where can I find more toilet paper?”)

This is just the tip of the iceberg. There are now about 20 blueprints, and Amazon says there are more blueprints.

At the same time, let’s create your own. This is not difficult, Amazon will guide you through every step of the process, but a quick tutorial may help.

For beginners, it may not be necessary to say that you need at least one device that supports Alexa. (Once you have created a skill, it can be accessed on any and all devices registered to your account.)

Next, go to the Skills Blueprint page – and consider bookmarking it, because this is where you add the blueprint for the future and manage the blueprints you have.

A good place to start is the custom quiz, which allows you to set the answer to any question you want to ask. Although you can use it for any number of practical purposes – “Alexa, what is the password I forgot?” – The potential for fun and prank here is completely limitless.

Go to the custom Q&A page, check the provided samples, and click Create Your Own. You will see a list of questions and answers filled out; just replace any or all of them as needed. Amazon says it wants to limit itself to about 10 words, but I can extend it – anyway, the answer is that.

Of particular interest is that if your question is an existing question in the Alexa database, the answer you provide here will replace the stock answer. (Once again, there is a lot of mischievous potential here.)

Once completed, simply click Next to complete the blueprint. This particular skill does not require you to say “Alexa, open such skills.” Instead, you just ask your question.

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