What is wrong with Siri?

Apple iPhone

Apple users found that asking Siri to define “mother” twice suggested a vulgar response.

When the user asked for an alternative definition of the word, as of Sunday morning, Siri responded: “As a noun, it means “Mother-Auntie.”

In Reddit’s Apple community, color reactions were initially noted, and on Saturday visitors suggested that the iPhone owner ask Siri for an alternative definition of “mother”.

One commenter wrote: “The weirdest part is that when you swear to her, Siri is so cautious.” Others find that Siri’s embarrassing reaction is incomprehensible.

“I didn’t know what she was talking about. I had to change it to American English to get any clues,” wrote a poster. Australian iPhone users have similar responses.

Ars Technica suggests that this response may stem from the definition of “mother” in the Oxford Dictionary, which includes “motherf — er” as an alternative definition of vulgar slang used as an abbreviation for “mother” as a curse.

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