Delta Airlines passenger assaults air marshal and throws coffee

Delta Airlines passenger assaults air marshal and throws coffee 2242018

A rowdy passenger on board a Delta Airlines flight from London to Salt Lake City has been captured for professedly attacking a US Air Marshal and throwing coffee on passengers.

Sarah Maria Beach, 45, an American expat living in London, faces wrongdoing attack charges which were recorded in US area court in Utah on Thursday.

News of Beach’s capture was accounted for by

Prosecutors have asserted that Beach tossed coffee on passengers amid the flight, toppled a drink truck, and kept running here and there the walkway of the plane.

Flight chaperons asked air marshals who were sitting in the back of the plane to enable curb To shoreline, as indicated by the criminal grumbling.

After Beach quieted down, she was situated beside one of the air marshals, who escorted her to the washroom three times.

After she turned out the third time, she professedly hopped reporting in real time marshal’s back and gotten his head, neck, and jaw.

Another air marshal went to his partner’s guide and pulled Beach off of her, the legislature affirms.

Shoreline was then cuffed for the rest of the flight.

Her initially booked court appearance under the steady gaze of a government justice judge was planned for Friday in Salt Lake City.

In the event that sentenced, Beach faces up to a year in government jail.

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