Russian rocket carried a satellite belonging to European Space Agency

European Space Agency

A Russian rocket carried a satellite belonging to the European Space Agency Earth Observation Program.

Russia’s space agency, the Russian Space Agency, said Wednesday sentry-3B satellites were launched from the Plesetsk launch facility in northern Russia.

The satellite is part of the ESA’s Copernicus plan to measure the atmosphere of the ocean, land, ice and earth.

With this seventh Sentinel launch, the first set of Sentinel missions for the European Union’s Copernicus environmental monitoring network are in orbit, carrying a range of technologies to monitor Earth’s land, oceans and atmosphere. The Sentinel-3 payload includes:

  • Two optical instruments: OLCI (Ocean and Land Color Instrument) and SLSTR (Sea and Land Surface Temperature Radiometer)

  • Two RF (radio-frequency) instruments: SRAL (Synthetic-aperture Radar ALtimeter), and MWR (Microwave Radiometer), which will provide measurements to determine the topography of oceans, sea ice and bodies of water on land.

Over oceans, the satellites measure the temperature and colour of the sea surface, as well as sea levels and the thickness of sea ice.

These measurements are used, for example, to monitor changes in Earth’s climate and for applications such as marine pollution.

Over land, the satellites monitor wildfires, map the way land is used, check vegetation health and measure water levels in rivers and lakes.

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