Explorer’s frostbite toe becomes a Cocktail garnish: Report

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A British explorer had frostbite on the toes and decided to donate her separated fingers to a pub in the Yukon – where they would use to decorate the hotel’s signature (terrible) Sourtoe cocktail.

Nick Griffiths from Bolton, Greater Manchester, took part in the Yukon Arctic Race in February, when extreme temperatures forced the 46-year-old to abandon the race and seek the hospital’s frostbite treatment.

The doctor told Griffiths that they needed to cut off his three toes – but he did not sigh for failure but asked him if he could retain his dismembered numbers in order to send them to the downtown hotel in Dawson City, Yukon.

“When I entered [the operating room], I asked the surgeon if I could save my toes and tell him what it was for. He found it very interesting, “Griffiths told The Mirror.

“I wrote to the downtown hotel and told them about my toes and what happened. They said they would love to have them.”

The hospital gave Griffith’s wishes and gave him his toes – in three small jars – Griffith said he now plans to send it to the downtown hotel if he can figure out how to do so.

“The only problem is that I’m not sure you can send amputated toes by mail,” he said to the mirror.

These will not be the first amputated toes in the downtown hotel. Since 1973, the hotel’s bar has been offering its signature Sourtoe cocktail – basically just a glass of whisky, with a reduced body toe.

According to reports, the bar collected a total of about 10 dismembered toes and proudly displayed each of the legends behind it on the bar’s celebrity wall.

Over the years, the bar has claimed that more than 100,000 customers have ordered their Sourtoe cocktails, making them members of the Sourtoe cocktail club.

There are only a few clubs in the city center to join the “club” rule: For beginners, customers are not allowed to swallow their toes – it happened twice – lest they be fined $ 500. Second, the customer was told “You can drink quickly, drink slowly, but your lips must touch your toes.”

According to the independent report, the first toe of the bar came from a man named Louie Linken who had lost toe frostbite when transporting alcohol from Yukon to Alaska in the 1920s.

A man named Captain Dick Stevenson discovered Lincoln’s toes in a bottle of wine in 1973 and decided to create the Sourtoe cocktail in the downtown hotel on the spot.

The New York Post reported that the bar’s current “Toe Master” Terry Lee is now responsible for preserving the toes currently collected by the bar, which are allegedly disinfected during drying and storage.

“When the toes arrive, we put them in the liquid,” Lee said to the mirror. “We then drain it and cut off any fat or veins that might hang out.”

“Then we put them in rock salt for six weeks and then save them. We remove the toes from the salt each time we use them and try to rotate them every week,” he said.

Li further added that the three new toes proposed by Griffith were “amazing” and stated that he hoped that the British would not cross their toes across the pond.

“I hope he will one day be able to visit and enjoy his own toes in our Sourtoe cocktail.”

Source: foxnews.com

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