Heavy Marijuana Smoking clearly can be treat by hot bath

Heavy Marijuana Smoking

The condition experienced by smokers is called Cannabinoid hyperemesis syndrome, and its symptoms include vomiting, abdominal pain and severe nausea.

Currently, it is widely recognized by US doctors. since it was first reported in 2004, according to the New York Times, but the shower solution is new.

A study recently published by the National Center for Biotechnology Information of New York users lightened at least 20 times a month and found that about 33% of them felt that the side effects of these stomachaches could be alleviated by standing in steam water.

Researchers say that if the results they get from a country are representative of the entire country, an estimated 2.7 million Americans may currently have this syndrome.

The authors of the study do not yet know why these symptoms occur only in some smokers, or why hot water dripping seems to cure them, but other doctors speculate that high concentrations of THC-THC, this compound induces “high” – And the body’s pain system.

“Some things in the pain system are always disturbed by THC,” said Kennon Heard, a toxicologist at the University of Colorado who studies cannabis hyperemesis syndrome, who told Live Science.

Heard said that because “your body can only handle a lot of signals at the same time, a hot shower will distract attention.” (The condition is) We see things in the emergency room several times a week, if not every day. ”

No one should feel alarmed by any of these symptoms – studies have shown that this is not life-threatening, although “definitely invalid,” according to Hurd, previous research supported him.

A 2010 study pointed out that patients with hemp flare syndrome sometimes have to go to the emergency room up to seven times, and there are frequent, severe symptoms that have not been diagnosed.

However, patients with CHS have hope. Heard conducted his own 2017 study and found that 97% of patients experiencing these debilitating symptoms were cured with a quick fix – cutting marijuana.

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