3 year old thriving after becoming first to get world’s smallest Artificial heart valve

Miracle pic

Little Sadie Rutenberg is only three years old and for her family living proof medical miracles are real.

Parents have nowhere to turn and doctors plan boldly. The life of a little girl is saved by love, technology and many hopes.

“There was so many days we didn`t know if she would make it through that day. I cried everyday hoping that something would happen,” said Wendy Rutenberg.

For the first year of her life, Sadie lived hooked up to a machine, helping her breathe. Sadie’s tiny heart started failing her at just two months old.

“When you look at your Toddler and they are crying and uncomfortable and all you want to do is pick them up and put them on your chest and just pat their back and tell them it’s going to be ok. It`s tough,” said Lee’or  Rutenberg.

Her problems too complicated for minor surgery.  Her body too weak for a heart transplant and the pain felt by everyone

“You don`t know how great you have it when you have a healthy Toddler,” said Rutenberg.

Then a doctor at a Seattle children’s hospital wanted to try something different. A miniature mechanical heart valve, around the size of a dime, and at the time not yet FDA approved.

“We didn`t have another choice so it was this or planning for her death, said Rutenberg.

So the family went all in with Sadie getting wheeled into surgery at 8 months old

“Having this valve around is revolutionary in the sense that it opens up the opportunity for us to operate much sooner,” said Dr. Chen.

The surgery was a success and two years later the family can’t say this enough:

“I love you.”

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