New Vaccine Shingrix more effective than Zostavax, Doctors says

Vaccine Shingrix

At the end of last year, doctors began recommending a new vaccine that they believe is more effective than Zostavax. It is called Shingrix.

Many people who have shingles say that this is the greatest pain they have endured. About one million people get herpes zoster every year.

Since getting permission in 2006, the vaccine Zostavax has been recommended to older Americans to prevent herpes zoster.

Dr. Peter Gulick of MSU College of Orthopaedic Medicine said Shingrix is not a live virus.

“They have already accepted part of this virus,” he explained, and they have already attached another substance that can stimulate the immune system. “As a result, he said it was more effective.

Shingrix recommends people over the age of 50 to use. Two doses, two to six months apart. “It tends to have a longer protection of your ability,” Dr. Gurik said.

Patients who have received Zostavax vaccine in the past few years should be re-vaccinated with Shinrigix. “There is no harm in doing so,” concluded Dr. Gulick. “And, you are getting a more effective vaccine.”

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