Orlando Brown was arrested by bounty hunters in video

Orlando Brown arrestedIMG Credit: TMZ.com

Orlando Brown was arrested because of a prominent permit, but not by the police – determined by the bounty hunter who broke into a man’s house and found the former “That’s so Raven” star hiding … in him Underwear.

We were told that the crazy video footage obtained by TMZ was an attack by Lucky Hunt, a bounty hunter in Las Vegas, around 6:30 am on Friday.

It began with luck and his team tried to enter, but from the homeowner, who claimed that they had no legal right to postpone.

Fortunately told us that he had legal paperwork and warrants, so they were allowed to enter the home to find Orlando… so they achieved it through force.

After an intense search, they found Brown hiding in a bedroom closet, wearing a T-shirt and boxer, and arrested him.

As we have reported … A judge gave Brown a warrant for Brown when he failed to appear in another case last month – allegedly beating his girlfriend in Torrance last year.

The owner of Vegas home told us that he had left Brown there for a music producer’s neighbor, but when his fiancée appeared on Thursday evening, he worried about harboring Brown… and saying that he was a fugitive. .

The homeowner was also very angry… he thought his home was illegal and claimed that his door was damaged and his shoulder was hurt.

He plans to contact the authorities as soon as possible to conduct a surprise inspection to see if his rights have been violated.

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