Police investigate three deaths due to Drug Overdose in Peterborough

Drug overdose Opioid

Peterborough police are managing three deaths accepted to have been caused by Drug Overdose.

They are in all likelihood unintentional overdoses and are not related, as indicated by police Staff Sergeant John Lyons in an announcement issued late Saturday night.

The deaths happened at some point amongst Friday and Saturday.

A year ago there were 10 opiod deaths in the city.

“City and zone occupants should be cautioned about the potential perils when utilizing illegal substances, particularly when it is obscure what might be blended with them or their potential quality,” Lyons expressed.

“It has been accounted for crosswise over Canada that Fentanyl has been blended with numerous unlawful drugs. Fentanyl is a manufactured, short-acting pain relieving and narcotic.

Lyons says if an individual will utilize a drug, it is proposed that they consider doing as such within the sight of someone else for security and that there is Naloxone show.

Naloxone is accessible complimentary from various drug stores, The Health Unit at 185 King Street and from PARN at 159 King Street.

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