Police issued warning of a batch of heroin believed to be tainted with fentanyl that’s causing overdoses

heroin overdoses

The Hancock County Sheriff’s Office has issued a warning of a batch of heroin believed to be tainted with fentanyl that is causing overdoses.

In a post on the office’s Facebook page, Hancock County authorities say 4 overdoses in the Hancock/Washington district regions were managed in a traverse of 3 hours.

Every one of the clients were resuscitated through the use of Narcan, however they were fortunate. In the event that representatives hadn’t landed in time, the result would have been very different.

Law implementation authorities over the state are alerted Mainers to caution their friends and family engaging habit that there is a savage batch of heroin coursing.

They trust the heroin is bound with fentanyl, which is a capable opioid. As per the Drug Enforcement Agency, fentanyl is significantly more powerful than heroin along these lines.

On account of an overdose, different utilizations of Narcan might be expected to resuscitate a patient. That is the thing that law authorization has been encountering in Maine this end of the week.

While the Hancock County Sheriff’s Office regularly invests their energy upholding drug laws, they say it’s their ethical commitment to caution Mainers who are dependent that the present batch is particularly fatal. They ask that people spread the news and urge alert.

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