Sarah Hart sent message before SUV cliff crash, Friend says

Sarah Hart SUV Crash

Last month, when one of Hart’s mothers, who was killed when a SUV crashed on a cliff in Northern California, sent a text message two days before her mother discovered a car accident.

She said that she was very sick and she may need to go to the hospital to call 911. Records from the Washington State said.

A friend of the Hart family, Cheryl Hart, who has nothing to do with her family in Vancouver, Washington, said she received a text from Sarah Hart at 3 am on March 24, Fox 12 reported on Wednesday in Oregon.

The political magazine in Salem, Ohio, reported that on 26 March, Cheryl Hart called the 911 report that she had not heard Sarah’s response since then.

“Cheryl Hart told the dispatcher at 1:15 pm:” No one can find her, talk to her, or since … or her wife, that is Jen. March 26. She also said she had checked the hospital, but no one said they had a record of dealing with Sarah Hart.

A few hours after Cheryl Hart reminded the authorities, the Hart family’s SUV was found at the bottom of the cliff in Mendocino County, about 100 feet from the Pacific Coast Highway. The authorities discovered the bodies of Sarah and Jennifer Hart and three of their six adopted children.

The other three children are still missing. Despite a body pulled out from the waves in the area on Saturday, the authorities are trying to determine whether this is one of the missing children.

Records released this week show that the Department of Child Protective Services in Washington State tried to contact Hartz on March 23 because of allegations of ill-treatment.

According to records, an official went to Hart’s home in the Woodland area of Washington, but no one was at home. Officials left a card.

Two officials returned on March 26th – the day the Harts SUV was discovered – and the card was removed before Friday. One of the officials left another card and asked the law enforcement agencies to request a welfare check.

The record says that on the same day, an agent went to check his family and no one appeared at home. The authorities returned the next day and no one returned home again.

According to court records, in 2011, Sarah Hart was convicted of physical abuse involving one of the children in Minnesota. In 2013, when a family and friends report saw abuse of children, they also investigated Hartz in 2013.

According to news of three friends who knew Hazi when they lived in Minnesota in the mid-2000s, the Seattle Times reported on Tuesday that the couple had trained a teenage girl who didn’t die from this deadly six.

ACCIDENT. According to this report, the report of Hart’s friends to Hart was inconsistent with Hartz’s allegations of abuse. However, how long did they train for girls and their accounts were different.

The authorities previously stated that the evidence indicates that this fatal collision accident was intentional. They said that the SUV had stopped at the overlook of the coastal expressway and then headed straight to the cliff and headed to the rocky sea below.

Mendocino County Sheriff’s Office said on Wednesday that representatives will continue to look for missing children on the county’s Pacific coastline.


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