Scientist says Sun it has opened Three Coronal hole

Sun Coronal hole

Experts believe that attention can only be paid if the hole starts to grow. Astronomers shared their observation of the sun: it has opened three wormholes.

For the Earth, the increase may be a sign that geomagnetic storms are approaching, as reported by

Astronomers share their observation of the sun: it forms three holes. Experts believe that the coronal hole in the sun may cause the Earth to be stationary, but given the size of the new three holes, the probability of a storm is very low.

In this case, if these holes begin to increase to cover the growing area of the sun, the Earth may not be able to avoid geomagnetic storms.

“We are enjoying a mild solar storm due to some fast solar wind from a large coronal hole that will be gracing much of the Sun’s face over the next few days.

The strongest part of this storm has already hit, bringing aurora down to mid-latitudes. Although the back half of this coronal hole is not as well formed as the front half, we should continue to see pockets of fast solar wind causing sporadic boosts in activity through the weekend.

Amateur radio operators might take advantage of auroral propagation modes, since the solar flux remains low with our near-solar-minimum Sun.

Experts believe that attention can only be paid if the vulnerability begins to grow.

In this case, the Earth will be affected by the strong solar wind, which will affect our planet.

This is the most unpredictable influence – the Northern Lights education before the failure of power and telecommunications.

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