U.S. gun company sells highest selling Pistol for $2.25 million


A US gun company has put two of the world’s most expensive pistols on the market at a price of $2.25 million each.

The Big Bang Pistol Kit consists of two pistols made from the Gibeon meteorite that are believed to have crossed the solar system and date back to 4.5 billion years.

The Cabot gun, an arms specialist in Indiana, USA, claimed that they were “Holy Grail” to collect guns and put them on the market for a total value of $4.5 million.

Their creators claimed that the luxury pistols were the first functional objects made by meteors that were discovered in Namibia in southwest Africa in the 1930s and that they were believed to have landed millions of years ago.

It was alleged that the pistol was interested in ‘fund billionaire, tycoon, industrialist or royal’ when auctioning at an unspecified date.

Both guns are coated with tanning metal rock with the ‘Widmanstätten’ pattern printed on them, which has been formed through intense heat and cooling for millions of years.

It is said that the meteorite has passed through the solar system, including Mars and Jupiter, and was then made into the M1911 military pistol – a gun used in both world wars.

Rob Bianchin is the founder and president of Cabot Guns, a professional weapons company based in Indiana, USA.

He said: “Many collectors and experts told me that the Big Bang pistol is the Holy Grail that can collect guns.

The Gibeon meteorite exhibits the best crystal structure and is the most popular of all the meteorites.

‘These will become the crown jewels of any collection – they will attract gun collectors and those who are fascinated by space and engineering. “

Cabot’s craftsmen cut the unformed meteorite into the most expensive pistol ever.

Rob said that the pistol is fully functional. This is the first time that a meteorite has been used to forge mechanical objects.

He said: “Humanity has been manufacturing weapons since its creation. It was earlier than words – I don’t believe anything that can be surpassed or complicated in a pistol can outweigh this.”

The former NRA pistol championship store offers a series of other lethal weapons, including ‘The Ultimate Bedside 1911’ and ‘The American Joe’.

Rob added: “Most Americans understand the importance of the Second Amendment, but rights are indeed the responsibility.

“This is a different world in the UK. In the area of gun law – although the powerful members of the British community can still use customized rifles.

“My grand plan for things is not important. One day I will disappear and forget, but the pistol will not.”

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