UK De La Rue fights in court for contract to make blue passports

UK De La Rue fights in court for contract to make blue passports 342018

BRITISH passport-production company De La Rue Plc is set to challenge the British government’s decision that permits Franco-Dutch company Gemalto NV to make new blue national passports from 2019, the Financial Times investigated Monday.

De La Rue, the FT stated, is starting a legal survey of the temporary decision by the High Court to grant the agreement to the part-state possessed firm Gemalto whose central station are in Paris.

At the point when Gemalto was granted the passport-production contract in March, the decision was completely scrutinized, particularly from U.K. residents who perceived the arrival of blue-shaded passports as an energetic Brexit reward, the FT said.

De La Rue and Gemalto were not promptly accessible for input on the FT report.

The Daily Mail daily paper drove a broadened battle against the governmental decision and sorted out a request of comprehensive of more than 227,000 marks, as per the FT.

On Sunday, the Home Office broadened the first due date for lawful challenges to the decision from April 3 to April 17 as De La Rue looked for additional data from the service on its decision-production process, the FT revealed.

De La Rue officials, the daily paper stated, see that Gemalto is in an ideal position just in light of the fact that it has undermined its rivals.

“In light of our insight into the market, it’s our view that our own was the most astounding quality and actually most secure offer,” the company stated, while conceding that its offer was not the least expensive, the FT said.

The news delivered clumsy features for Prime Minister Theresa May, who declared in December that Britain, which embraced burgundy passports in 1988 in accordance with EU proposals, would change back to the “notable” dim blue it had utilized for a considerable length of time.

England’s greatest exchange association Unite hit out at the government’s decision and said the French government could never have made such a move.

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