Which Superhero dies in Avengers: Infinity War

Avengers: Infinite War

All eyes are currently on the Marvel Cinematic Universe. While Black Panther is still earning a lot of money at the box office, the shared universe, as we know, will come on a head when the Avengers: Infinity War comes in theaters a week.

MCU Heroes To Keep It Standing Because so many of the main actors’ contracts have grown, we expect many dead people to appear during the Infinity war and revenge. 4.

Thor: Ragnarok director Taika Waititi was recently asked who thought actors could die, and his answer was perfect.

Check it out.

Looks like Taika Waititi doesn’t think any big character deaths are coming, at least in Avengers: Infinity War. Given the fact that there is a whole second movie to also arrive, this logic has some legs to stand on.

While mostly a joke, Taika Waititi’s tweet does make sense. While the fandom is taking bets on which characters might perish before Avengers: Infinity Warconcludes, all of the cast was presumably set to pop up in Avengers 4.

In particular, killing a character like Captain American or Thor in Infinity War would put them just short of their contracts, given many of the stars were signed on for 7 movies.

But the Russo Brothers have emphasized how high the stakes are, so they may just throw us a curve ball.

Of course, Taika Waititi was also jut making a joke and sidestepping one of the hundreds of MCU questions he no doubt gets everyday.

Thor: Ragnarok was considered a game changer for the franchise, as Waititi took the God of Thunder to a new planet, inserted way more comedy, and even brought along The Hulk for the ride.

Waititi ultimately couldn’t answer the Marvel fan if he wanted to, but odds are he hasn’t been privy to the inner plot twists of Infinity War.

If characters to end up being killed off in Avengers: Infinity War, that doesn’t necessarily make their death finite. With Benedict Cumberbatch’s Doctor Strange along for the ride, the possibility of time travel is on the table.

It seems entirely possible that the Russo Brothers will have the fans suffer through mourning their favorite, only to eventually bring them back to life courtesy of the Sorcerer Supreme.

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