According to reports, Hulk Hogan is in a deal with WWE

Hulk Hogan WWE

It has been a while since Hulk Hogan’s return to WWE, but TMZ Sports reported that Hogan and WWE have been in contact and negotiations have been “positive”.

Due to the greatest royal rumble, Hogan is clearly one of the talents required to attend this event. Hogan did not start, but both parties are talking about possible reunions.

TMZ was told that WWE wanted to bring him back and Hogan was ready, but they wanted to make sure it was done in the “right way” and was very sensitive to those who were offended by the roar of the past because he was initially He spent his WWE performance.

Hogan appeared shortly after the company was fired in 2015. Shortly thereafter, a video containing his racist remarks was announced.

Hogan was dissatisfied with her daughter Brooke’s date with a black man. He used n words on the tape several times and said: “I think we are all racist.”

In March, Hogan appeared on the HBO/WWE Andre Giants documentary premiere in Los Angeles, California. At the time, WWE wanted to make it clear that Hogan did not abandon the following statement:

“The Hulk Hogan is an important part of the history of the Andre Giants, but his documentary at the HBO premiere tonight and his plans to help others learn from their mistakes do not mean that WWE is rehiring him. Hogan did not Plan on any upcoming WWE event.”

WWE has been paying close attention to Hogan’s speech after being selected to the Boys’ and Girls Hall of Fame.

He mentioned that he wanted to help educate children not to use language like he did. They received cheers from the crowd.

In March of this year, Mark Henry talked about Hogan’s potential return and said he is not sure he is ready to return. Hogan was asked about Henry’s comments and responded by saying:

“I just heard [Henry] comment on TMZ and I should apologize,” Hogan replied. “I totally agree, but not for black wrestlers. It’s true for all wrestlers.

Yes, what I said was out of date. I’m sorry forever, but I’ve never heard Mark Henry say that he It’s my boy, man. “

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