Mac Miller release Jail after DUI and Hit and Run Arrest

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Mac Miller left the prison on Thursday morning and didn’t want to talk about his arrest – apparently, he didn’t want people to see his face.

Later Thursday morning, we got the Mac to leave the spell at Van Nuys. A few hours ago, he fled the scene on suspicion of bumping into a telegraph pole… all drunk.

Our camera guy poses a problem. Why did he allegedly bail from the crash site? How much did he drink? What did he say to the police to get an eye-catching suspect review? Is this related to his recent separation from Ariana Grande?
Mac Miller didn’t have it at all… In spite of this, we did hear his snoring. Talk no comment.

Ariana just sent a Tweet. “Please take care of yourself.”

When the police arrived at the scene, they reportedly found Mac Miller’s G-Wagon and ran his tray, causing the police to reach the Pittsburgh rapper’s residence.

The policeman then gave Mac Miller a visit at each TMZ in his home. The rap singer acknowledged his mistake – a law enforcement person even said that Miller was “the most polite and intoxicating person we have ever seen” and was escorted His bail is $15,000 to the prison.

Miller’s reported arrest comes just weeks after he and Ariana Grande announced their breakup. The couple split after dating for over two years.

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