New Android Messages App features you can use them

Android Messages App features

The Google Android Messages app is one of the best ways to send and receive text messages. It can even provide RCS standard support and sufficient functionality for the future. You may not even realize that you can do everything with Android messages, so here are the best features.

Add a message subject

Standard text messages do not have many features, but you can make some little-known adjustments in Messages. Instead of just clicking send, long press it.

This brings two things in the compose field: You can add a title to the message by clicking on the new field and entering the text.

This will make the message run like MMS, but it should load normally on the recipient’s phone because there are no photos or other media attached.

Archive old threads

After a few months, your text message list may become a mess, filled with clues that you have not touched. Android messages let you get rid of them without actually getting rid of them.

You can archive old threads to avoid them, but you can still recover them if necessary. Just long press to select multiple conversations and then tap the Archive button at the top of the screen.

You can also swipe left or right on the conversation in the main list to archive it. Go to Menu > Archive to see these sessions and restore them when needed.

Block numbers

Not everyone you meet in life will feel happy. Android Messages can easily block your friends and spam. Long press the conversation to select it, then click the block button (the circle with the strikethrough) at the top. This prevents messages and calls from the contact from passing.

Note: Blocking a contact deletes the conversation, so if you need to see it again later, don’t block others.

If you want to delete a block, go to Menu > Block Contact. Click the X next to the contact you want to unblock to receive the message again.

Attach money, locations and more

You may know that Android messages allow you to add stickers and photos to your conversation, but more is hidden in this menu.

Click on the plus button in the dialogue and you will get a list of stickers and other interesting things. Scroll down and you will get good things.

You can add your location, voice notes, and even pay via Google Pay or request payment. You need to grant location access to enjoy these features.

Please note that Google Pay can only operate in one-on-one conversations if you have set up a payment application.

Use the widgets

If the SMS is still the primary way you communicate with contacts, using the Android Messages widget can be a real time saver.

There are no settings in the app to help you understand the existence of the widget, but you can find it in the home screen widget list.

There are actually two different widget options: one to display the most recent messages in all conversations, and the other to show a single conversation of your choice.

A single session version also has a pop-up composition box to send new messages.

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