Cornell University student strips down to her underwear for thesis

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An student at Cornell University has stripped down of her underwear in order to express her thesis and try to fight “oppressive beliefs,” claiming that her professor questioned the shorts she wore.

On Saturday, Letitia Chai took off her clothes at an Ivy League school honors thesis presentation in front of teachers and students.

This was a protest against her acting at the public professor Rebekah Maggor, who told her earlier this week that she was short in shorts during the pilot test.

Chai wrote a Facebook post after the incident on Wednesday, saying her professor questioned her clothes when she was wearing a blue button and cut off denim shorts.

“The first thing the professor said to me was” What do you really wear? “Chai said.

“She is a white woman and continues:” Your shorts are too short. ”

“The professor told me in front of my class that I was inviting men to keep away from the content of my speech and put it on my body.

“She said I wore my equipment to make a statement. I told her I was convinced that hell would not change my opinion and make her or other people feel more comfortable.”

Mr. Chai said that a male international student in the class agreed with the professor and she decided to leave the room.

She said that her professor later walked out of the room and asked her mother how she would think about her clothes.

Chai said that she replied: “My mother is a feminist, professor of gender and sexual studies. Her shorts are good.”

Maggor told Cornell Sun: “I don’t tell my students what to wear or define what constitutes suitable clothing for them.

“I asked them to reflect and decide for themselves.”

After a viral reaction to Chai’s Facebook post, 11 out of 14 students in the class issued a joint statement saying that her comments did not accurately reflect what happened in the room.

The students stated that although Maggo’s comments had problems with “wording errors”, the focus was to pay attention to “the importance of specialization in certain public speaking”.

They said that the professor repeatedly apologized for her initial words and agreed that “the concept of women’s shorts carries a lot of cultural and political burdens.”

The only person who did not sign the letter was Chai, the international student and another student who was absent from the day.

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