26 Year Old Katie Layne Quackenbush Charge of Shoot Homeless Man in Nashville

September 12, 2017
A lady charged Monday night in the endeavored killing of a vagrant had discharged two cautioning shots, her dad stated, after the man had undermined to hurt her. Katie... Read more »

Mayo Clinic study says It’s OK to snooze with your dog

September 11, 2017
A new Mayo Clinic contemplate distributed in the Mayo Clinic Proceedings this week says it’s OK to let Mr. Fluffypants rest with you, however there’s a catch. Mr. Fluffypants... Read more »

Folate plays a critical role in DNA methylation

September 11, 2017
Moms who take the prescribed measures of folic acid amid pregnancy may decrease the danger of their kids creating pesticide-related extreme introvertedness, specialists say. The discoveries demonstrated that if... Read more »

Cannabis use among teen in the US has reached a low level of 20 years, Study says

September 10, 2017
As per various media outlets, the feds just discharged subtle elements affirming that cannabis utilization among adolescents in the US achieved a 20-year low in 2016, while liquor utilization... Read more »

The Effect of Dogs on Human Sleep in the Home Sleep Environment

September 8, 2017
That is the takeaway of a little yet provocative examination titled “The Effect of Dogs on Human Sleep in the Home Sleep Environment” in the September issue of Mayo... Read more »

Women can not sleep and health outcomes can be very large

September 7, 2017
On the off chance that sleep feels more slippery as you age, you’re not the only one in hurling and turning and confronting the morning depleted. More than 33%... Read more »

5 Denver Nurses Suspended After Opening Body Bag To See Man’s Genitals

September 6, 2017
Five medical caretakers in Denver were suspended for three weeks by their clinic after they purportedly opened a body pack to see an expired patient’s privates and respect their... Read more »

Zika virus causes brain cancer, says Scientists

September 5, 2017
A harmful virus¬†that can cause obliterating mind harm in children could present an amazing new treatment for adult brain cancer, as indicated by US researchers. As of recently, Zika... Read more »

Mom Donates Breast Milk To Hurricane Harvey Victims

September 5, 2017
At the point when Danielle Palmer’s child Truett was conceived with an intrinsic heart deformity, the St. Louis region mother said she asked that magnificence would originate from the... Read more »

Association between Parkinson’s & skimmed milk consumption found

June 9, 2017
Researchers have shown a possible association between consumption of low-fat dairy or skimmed milk and increased risk of developing Parkinson’s disease. Though a large study published in the journal... Read more »