New study says Dog could increase life of a single person

November 19, 2017
Here’s to keeping your wellbeing on a tight rope: New research proposes that having a dog may support a solitary person’s life traverse. The investigation followed more than 3.4... Read more »

Woman who lost a dog face “broken heart syndrome”

October 22, 2017
A Texas woman endured “broken heart syndrome” after the death of her dog, Meha. As per the contextual investigation distributed in the New England Journal of Medicine, Joanie Simpson... Read more »

Researcher from University of Arizona has find a better Cure after snakebite

October 16, 2017
TUCSON, ARIZONA – Researcher at the University of Arizona has found a better treatment after a venomous snakebite. Dr. Vance G. Nielsen, with U of A’s Department of Anesthesiology,... Read more »

California is 1st State To Ban The Sale of Dogs From Puppy Mills

October 14, 2017
California has turned into the main US state to restrict the offer of creatures from puppy plants. Another law marked on Friday implies that pet stores are required to... Read more »

Duck penises become longer when birds are fighting other males

September 21, 2017
New study offers encourage disclosure about the how ducks utilize this organ further bolstering their good fortune. Certain types of ducks’ penises turned out to be longer when the... Read more »