Confusion Overhead Puts USS McCain on The Lethal Collision Course

November 1, 2017
Two ship impacts that murdered 17 mariners were avoidable and caused by “various disappointments” with respect to officers and mariners installed, as per a U.S. Naval force report discharged... Read more »

2 Hawaii Women Rescued At U.S. Navy Base in Okinawa

October 30, 2017
American mariners who were lost adrift for about a half year have touched strong ground out of the blue since May 3. Jennifer Appel and Tasha Fuiava arrived at... Read more »

19 Killed Car Bomb Attack Near Hotel Attack in Mogadishu

October 28, 2017
No less than 19 individuals were killed when two auto bombs exploded outside an inn close to Somalia’s presidential royal residence in Mogadishu on Saturday – two weeks after... Read more »

Virginia Man Convicted After He Shot Bald Eagle

October 24, 2017
A Virginia man who confessed to shooting a bald eagle and afterward running it more than a few times with an off-road vehicle was condemned to a month of... Read more »

Study Says Mothers Respond Similarly To Crying Kids

October 23, 2017
Moms over the world appear to react to their newborn children crying in comparable routes, as indicated by another investigation, proposing that a few senses might be hard-wired into... Read more »

Employee Arrested For Felony Theft After $1.2 Million Fajitas At Cameron County, Texas

October 15, 2017
Texas prosecutors have charged a previous adolescent confinement focus worker with taking $1.2 million worth of fajitas over a nine-year time span in a Tex-Mex sustenance trafficking plan. The... Read more »

Man Who Lived With Mom and Brother Dead Bodies in White Bear Lake, Minnnesota

October 7, 2017
Robert James Kuefler, from White Bear Lake, Minnnesota, lived with the body of his mom, 94-year-old Evelyn Kuefler, and his sibling, Richard Kuefler, for around a year prior to... Read more »

Man Who Saved 30 People During The Las Vegas Concert Shooting

October 3, 2017
A man has been credited with sparing around 30 individuals amid the Las Vegas show shooting before being hit by a shot. Jonathan Smith, 30, went to the show... Read more »