Obamacare Changed The Love Lives Of Teenagers

November 15, 2017
It appears that every week, another improvement about the Affordable Care Act raises doubt about the eventual fate of social insurance in the U.S. Such approach changes may likewise... Read more »

US Government New Rules on Cuba Travels and Trade

November 8, 2017
The Trump organization on Wednesday fixed travel and business binds to Cuba, some portion of its push to move back previous President Barack Obama’s memorable opening with Havana. The... Read more »

President Donald Trump Announce To Roll Back Birth Control Mandate

October 6, 2017
The Trump organization on Friday moved back an ObamaCare necessity that businesses incorporate conception prevention scope in their medical coverage designs. Under very expected guidelines distributed Friday, any for-benefit... Read more »

Trump is a new ‘bump fire stock’ strategy in White House: blame Obama

October 5, 2017
Another mass shooting has prodded another race to judgment. After the Las Vegas shooting, Democrats grumble about Republican mercy on the weapon business. Yet, White House instructor Kellyanne Conway... Read more »

Michelle Share Special To Barack Obama on 25th Marriage Anniversary

October 3, 2017
Previous President Obama and Michelle Obama are praising a quarter century of marriage Tuesday, with the previous first woman calling her better half “the most remarkable man I know.”... Read more »

Barack Obama Surprises Visit At D.C.’s McKinley Technology High School

September 9, 2017
Previous President Barack Obama stunned understudies at a Washington school Friday by flying in to give them support toward the start of the new year. “I do trust that... Read more »

Obama congratulating President Trump on “remarkable run” in inauguration letter

September 3, 2017
A letter acquired and released by CNN written by out-going President Barack Obama to approaching President Trump, uncovers some life lessons Mr. Obama bestowed on the recently chose president,... Read more »

Barack Obama Response To Strangers Wedding Invitations On His Birthday

August 4, 2017
Michelle Obama raised the stakes with a birthday message to her significant other alongside lovable return photos of the family commending his birthday in 2004. They have books to... Read more »