Sagrada Familia Church Evacuate After False Alarm in Barcelona

September 12, 2017
Catalan police announced a false caution following a bomb terrify that had driven specialists to cordon off Barcelona’s Sagrada Familia church and send in a bomb squad to check... Read more »

Thousand of People Attend Peace March After Terror Attack in Barcelona

August 27, 2017
A large portion of a million people partook in a brilliant peace challenge in Barcelona on Saturday after Spain’s Catalonia district was hit with two dread assaults that killed... Read more »

Jared Tucker’s Dad of American Kill in Barcelona Confirms Death

August 18, 2017
American Jared Tucker was among the 13 individuals killed in Thursday’s vehicle-smashing assault in Barcelona, his family has affirmed. A representative for Tucker’s family said in an announcement Friday,... Read more »

Spain: Terror attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils

August 18, 2017
The culprits of the Terror attacks in Barcelona and Cambrils initially intended to utilize dangerous gadgets to wreak more prominent pulverization yet were clearly foiled in light of the... Read more »

Brazilian Footballer Neymar Leave Barcelona To Move France’s Paris Saint-Germain

August 2, 2017
Neymar chose to leave the Catalan club following chats on vacation close Rio de Janeiro toward the beginning of July, before he joined the club’s pre-season voyage through the... Read more »

Barcelona Festival: Thousands were evacuated during fire

July 30, 2017
More than 22,000 fans were emptied after a fire ejected in front of an audience at the Tomorrowland music Festival in Spain, specialists said. No wounds were accounted for... Read more »